Chiffon dress play tricks add beauty to summer

In the summer, if you know the secret of wearing a chiffon skirt, you can handle the high temperature. To say that the pattern chiffon skirt will definitely not retreat to the second line, it is really necessary to make this summer a beautiful and colorful category. With its affinity personality, we have many choices.

Chiffon dress

Summer is a season of dew, but not everyone can reveal it, and it is not something that can be exposed. For example, a girl with a unicorn arm is not suitable for wearing a sleeveless skirt or a suspender skirt, so a chiffon skirt with a large flying sleeve will be a good choice, calm and fresh.

Chiffon dress

The material and price of chiffon are not high-end, so the popularity rate is very high, but this does not mean that chiffon can not give us a high-end visual effect. The smog blue breakthrough color puzzle has become a new fashion color, colliding with white, elegant and confident with a little fresh and gentle.

Chiffon dress

Whether it is fresh and sweet, elegant and natural, it is the confidence of the chiffon skirt, it can constantly change the style to meet your needs. The sleeves are cut to a few playful shapes, and the pleats and elasticated waists form a sly gesture, making it easy for you to stand out.

Chiffon dress

Chiffon is suitable for printing and mutual achievement. The elegant and elegant chiffon can increase the light texture of the printing, and the complicated printing can solve the chiffon penetration. The tight collar does not make people feel stuffy, after all, the nature of chiffon can save everything there.

Chiffon dress

In fact, we are used to the cooperation of chiffon and lace, but the usual living conditions need to have surprises. The dark-colored chiffon light-colored print, the lace makes the high waist no longer cover, and the girl with a skirt length of 160 creates more visual surprises.

Chiffon dress

The chiffon skirt is very suitable for showing the image of a well-behaved, with a fresh look of the younger sister, suitable for the summer style of the student party. The light print makes the trumpet sleeves look very natural. The elastic waist is more casual, and there is no intellectual skill or sexy enchanting, but it makes people feel more amiable.

Chiffon dress

I am afraid that the chest is small, choose the right skirt or you are the goddess. The suspender skirt is one of the most wonderful representatives. You can wear it alone. I don’t know if the charm of the suspender skirt is too big or the girls will wear it too. Anyway, chiffon is convincing, honest and print cooperation to create a style of skirt.

Chiffon dress

Working with the Green Department is a decision made by Chiffon in accordance with its understanding of the summer. The plain background is printed with a small blue-green color, which makes people feel quiet and natural. With a bow, a little cute and cute, no one can refuse the existence of a girl’s heart.

Come to a chiffon shirt, the heat is lighter

There are no more practical items in the summer than chiffon shirts. Elegant and comfortable, the price is close to the people, the most important is the style, the solid color of the print, plus a variety of ruffled trumpet sleeves embellishment, a little change is a different landscape, what reason to refuse?

来一件雪纺小衫 祛暑更轻巧

01 Make your own path to success with clear colors. Only when the color touches you can you become a street scene. The looseness of the lantern sleeves does not prevent chiffon from playing its own characteristics. Just a pair of pure white shorts can match the perfect goddess.

02 The advantage of chiffon is that even the stacked ruffles don’t look too heavy, so it can be light and natural. The low-key of the dark green is broken by the folds, the small dots are more eye-catching, giving you a different sexy experience. The combination of mesh and chiffon is the weapon of the summer.

03 The sexy shoulderless shoulders have their own exclusive gas field. They have lost a little sexy enthusiasm. Do you still show yourself in a chic angle? The color of the apricot color is definitely more than a little bit. What do you use to make yourself stand out on the cheesy street? Isn’t that a chic little shirt on your body?

04 Chiffon’s love of printing, there is nothing to replace. The original transparent material became more interesting because of the participation of these flowers and plants. As long as you hit the right color, the feeling of refreshing and natural can be lightly floated, and the ruffled sleeves are not too cumbersome.

05 A little more mature print, the color of the combination has a lot of personality, more and more low-key. Everyone knows the benefits of stripes. How can a chiffon shirt be missed? The V-neck’s self-confidence and the personality of the lantern sleeves are just right, with a dark-skinned skirt or trousers is the workplace.

06 is still a stripe, just a little print embellishment, black and white looks ruthless. Fortunately, there are different ratios of width and width. Otherwise, how can there be opportunities for color? The exquisiteness of the small lapels highlights the professionalism of the professional women, and the effect of this year’s popular black wide-leg pants must be great.

07 Unlike the previous black and white collision full of visual effects, this black and white collision looks a lot more beautiful. Pure white is the bottom, only a little black to do the tracing, still can show the style of the strong woman, just open the trumpet sleeves to make life a little more fun, completely different flavor.

08 The layered feel of the cake-style shirt needs to be balanced by the embellishment of the little chest paper. Too full has always been a big taboo. It is also black and white, without the sense of change of stripes, straightforward stitching and a little embroidered embellishment, which has created an excellent opportunity for jeans.

09 The navy’s collar is suitable for the youthful invincibility of the college wind. The sharpness of the angle and the crispness of the lines have always been indispensable contrasts, and only the right impact of them can make our summer more bright spots, more good moods of summer heat, isn’t it?